Welcome To The Stratford Tennis Club

Welcome to the Stratford Tennis Club, established in 1969 and operating as a not-for-profit community club. Located in Upper Queens Park near the Stratford Festival Theatre, this family oriented club caters to all playing levels, beginner to advanced. There are a number of activities happening throughout our season for every age group. Our friendly club is just the place to go for a relaxing game of tennis. Fees are very reasonable and all memberships include free tennis lessons throughout the season! A well stocked snack bar and a small pro shop will provide you with any items you may need when you come down to play.

Visitors are always welcome to come and play for a nominal fee. If you are in town to see a play, visiting friends or simply exploring the city, we invite you to stop by the club for a few games. Court fees for a visitor who plays with a member are $10 for adults and students age 14 or over, and $6 for students under 14. Fees for non members are $30/court for singles play and $45/court for doubles play.

If you are interested in what recreational opportunities we may offer you and your family, drop by the club anytime and our staff would be happy to discuss your options with you.

2018 Board

John Noble – President     Email: president@stratfordtennisclub.com

Zdenko Andrekovic – Vice President

Lynn Bast – Treasurer

Lucie Stuart-Burton – Marketing

Stephen Fischer – Bingo

Richard Bast – At Large

Pat McCarroll – Secretary

Graham Heaton –  Camps

Heather Henke – 50th Season book

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